This is how it goes

by Neil LaBute

A funny but jaded 30-something guy has moved back to his small hometown leaving behind the city rat-race. He happens to run into the girl he had a crush on in high school. The dream girl. The unattainable one. The sort of girl who went out with the sports star, never the nerdy funny guy like our narrator. In fact, she married the sports star but 12 years and two kids later their marriage is in trouble…

A flirtation begins, pulling them into a triangle of love, racism and distrust. Compelled by their desires, LaBute’s characters manipulate the truth to get what they want. All is not what it seems in this thrilling tale of intrigue and betrayal.


Directed by: Toby Schmitz
Design: Brigid Dighton
Lighting Design: Allan Hirons
Sound Design: Jeremy Silver
Photography: Marco Bok 
Graphic Design: Sensory Creative
Cast: Patrick Brammall, Rebecca Rocheford Davies, Wayne McDaniel

“A drama of tremendous power… a fine play and great acting… a production that compares favourably with the most expensive on Broadway and the West End”

- Time Out Sydney

“Brammall’s… well-judged performance gets quite confronting… Davies and McDaniel are as strong. It’s a darkly entertaining work…”

- Sydney Morning Herald (Metro Pick)

“Director Toby Schmitz elicits bristling yet believable work from his terrific cast… This show is definitely worth checking out.”

- SX


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