Time Stands Still

by Donald Margulies

The adrenalin and excitement of documenting the realities of war is addictive, as journalists Sarah and James know all too well. Together, they have shared a passion for reporting on the world’s war zones and have led a heightened life between the extremes of domesticity and the danger.

Their lives catch up with them when Sarah is injured in a car bombing and she if forced to return to start a more conventional life with James. Margulies’ quietly powerful play illustrates just how much is required in the everyday business of two people creating a life together.

Directed by: Kim Hardwick
Cast: Harriet Dyer, Noel Hodda, Rebecca Rocheford Davies and Richard Sydenham
Design: Lucilla Smith
Lighting Design: Teegan Lee
Sound Design/Composition:
Michael Huxley
Stage Management: Nicole Eyles
Stage Construction: Michael Watkins
Poster Photography: Nino Tamburri
Production Stills: Nino Tamburri
Trailer: Harvey House Productions


“…in the hands of director Kim Hardwick the production hits all the right beats… ”

- Aussie Theatre.com

“The staging is dynamic… everything moves along at a clip”

- Time Out

“The performances are absorbing and credible throughout…”

- Sydney Morning Herald

“Rebecca Rocheford Davies is a dark treat as the snarling, brilliant Sarah.”

- Time Out

“Dyer gives her character a depth that has you charmed…”

- Arts hub

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